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NON-SKID Paint/Sealer Additive – Ceramic
NON-SKID Paint/Sealer Additive – Ceramic
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Description Q & A
• Covers 320 Sq Ft
• Offers superior traction wet or dry
• Will not change the color of the floor
• Interior or exterior use
• High or low traffic areas
• Random shape prevents grains from rolling away
• New surface cannot be cleaned with a mop

If you want your floors to achieve the most extreme grip possible, this is the product. Because the ceramic has sharp edges, it works to grab and catch your foot. If you have a pet that is slipping on the floor, you can use this additive to help them gain traction. The ceramic additive provides great traction, yet is gentle on your dog’s paws.

For most uses, our plastic additive is ideal as it is easier to apply. However, if the application requires retaining exact appearance, or demands extreme traction, then you should use the ceramic additive. The ceramic is heavier then the plastic and will only stay suspended in very thick finishes. Most of the time the ceramic needs to be applied using our hand shaker (similar to a salt shaker). The plastic additive does blend in well and normally works great, but the ceramic provides an extra 30% blending benefit.

When applied using a hand shaker, you can achieve a greater density per square foot than is possible with pouring directly into the finish itself.

NOTE: Due to the sharper edges of the ceramic, you will no longer be able to use a mop to clean the surface. If scrubbing is necessary, you can use a scrub brush, push broom, water hose, or pressure washer.
How To Use
  • HAND SHAKER METHOD: Roll out finish on the floor in small sections, taking care not to roll a larger area than you can lean over and sprinkle the additive on. Within a minute, sprinkle the additive onto the freshly rolled section. After the finished has dried a second coat of finish is required to lock down the additive. See finish label for appropriate re-coat window times.

    Your goal is to EVENLY sprinkle the additive over the surface. The 3 lines on the side of our hand shaker divide the contents into 4 sections. Each section represents 2 ounces of additive, enough to cover a 80 Sq Ft area. Use these lines to monitor your progress and ensure that you’re applying at the proper density (check early, check often). The most important thing is to make sure you spread the product evenly.
    NOTE: If working outdoors DO NOT apply this product in windy conditions as this will lead to uneven spread.

    DIRECT POUR-IN METHOD: Finishes with a viscosity similar to epoxy will hold this product suspended. If your finish has a high viscosity (finish is VERY thick), you may pour the Non-Skid Additive directly into the finish while simultaneously stirring. Continue stirring until the additive is completely mixed. Be sure to stir the mixture every few minutes to keep additive from settling to the bottom. NOTE: When poured directly into the finish, this product can be used at a maximum ratio of 8 ounces of additive per gallon of finish (ratio of half a part of additive for every 8 parts liquid).

    NOTE: If you would like to alter the texture you can fine tune it by adding the Non-Skid Additive to the base coat only, or the top coat only, or both. You should first do a test sample to test results. We recommend you use the Non-Skid Additive in all coats. You must have a coat of finish over the additive to lock it down and prevent it from rolling away.

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