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16-ounce bottle _16-ounce bottle
16-ounce bottle
Our Price: $39.00
_16-ounce bottle
Our Price: $42.00

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Slip Resistant Stair Coating 5-gallon
Our Price: $390.00

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• Covers 23-27 Sq Ft
• Ideal for high traffic staircases
• Permanent
• Great for indoor/outdoor use
• Non-yellowing
• Clear

Most people have slipped on stairs at least once and it can be extremely dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. Our Slip Resistant Stair Coating is formulated from a water-based, industrial quality polyurethane especially designed to offer the most slip resistance possible, wet or dry. Perfect for any interior or exterior stairs that experience a high volume of foot traffic, Slip Resistant Stair Coating is permanent and extremely durable. Surfaces where it may be applied include wood, concrete, tile, and metal.

NOTE: This product is not for use on linoleum, laminate, or hardwood flooring.

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Non Slip Additive Hand Shaker Tile + Tub Etching Treatment

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• Divided sections track Sq. Ft. density
• Works with any type of additive
• $6 shipped to your door
• Two different size caps
• Very durable
• Helps apply additive at high density

This hand shaker is used for applying our Ceramic Non Skid Additive, or if you are applying our Plastic Non Skid Additive at a higher square footage ratio than what is normally required. This 7-oz crystal clear hand shaker comes with 2 caps, small and large. The large tip is best for use with our coarse plastic additive, and the small tip is best used with our Ceramic or fine plastic additive. This shaker has the quality to be used by a professional for years to come, but yet inexpensive enough to only be used one time. When applying a non skid additive by hand it is difficult keeping track of just how much product you have applied. Our hand shaker is designed to combat this problem and to help ensure you have even coverage for a floor that is safe and looks great. The side of the bottle has 3 lines representing 4 sections, to help you keep track of exactly how much additive you have sprinkled on your surface.
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• Permanent
• Indoors/Outdoors
• Invisible
• Etching Treatment, Not a Coating
• Odor Free
• 100% Money Back Guarantee
• Works On Ceramic Bathtubs

Transform your wet tile or tub, from slip to GRIP, in 15 minutes or less! Guaranteed to work or your money back!

The beauty of this product is that it's an acid based “etching" - not a coating. It will never peel, fade, flake, or need to be re-applied like a coating would. When mopped onto a mineral based surface such as stone, porcelain, or ceramic, the product causes a chemical reaction that immediately starts etching itself into the tile. Minute by minute, microscopic pores are created, microscopically making it rougher. When the chosen reaction time has been reached (normally 5-15 minutes), you then rise the tile with fresh water mixed with Baking Soda. This neutralizes the etching product and washes away the microscopic nano-particles of removed tile.

Now, when your tile gets wet, the newly developed pores and new microscopic rougher texture will start using water to your advantage. The millions of tiny pores are transformed into water based suction cups, gripping the bottom of your feet and helping you hold traction. In some cases, the tile will actually have more traction when wet than when it is dry. This truly is a miracle product that can permanently make your wet tile safer. And it comes with a no hassle 100% money back guarantee!

ATTENTION: This product will give dark gray and black tile a “washed out” look, and will make it appear to have a white milky haze over it. We do not recommend this product be used for dark gray or black tile unless you are willing to alter the appearance. The haze can be removed afterward if desired, but if it is removed the tile will become slippery again. This product will not work on any thing other then Mineral based surfaces. e.g. real tile, stone, slate, etc.
_1-gallon Slip Resistant Wax Stripper
Our Price: $84.00
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• Liquefies finish for easy pick up
• Can be used with hot or cold water
• Concentrated
• Works fast
• No neutralizer required
• Butyl-free
• Low foaming
• Resists clogging of pads
• 1-gallon is enough for 1,400 Sq. Ft.
• 16-oz is enough for 175 Sq. Ft.

Our powerful concentrated wax stripper will cut through multiple layers of floor wax finish fast! The usually labor-intensive task of stripping the floor suddenly becomes easier and much more manageable. There are several key areas in which our floor stripper rises above the competition. Our product liquefies the floor finish, helping to keep your stripping pads clean for longer and prevents clogging. All that is needed to pick up the finish is light scrubbing and a Wet/Dry Vac.

Another advantage our wax stripper has is that the floor doesn’t have to be neutralized afterwards. This is because our pH is already at the correct level. When you look at the reasons why our wax stripper performs better than competing products, it becomes very clear how we can help you reach your goals while saving time and money.

RETURN POLICY: To prevent people from filling the bottle up with water, we do not except this product back after it has been opened. If you would like to test the product you may purchase a sample first.
Tile Degreaser Permanent Bathmat
Tile Degreaser
Our Price: $30.00
Permanent Bathmat
Our Price: $39.00

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• Pays for Itself by increasing efficiency and saving man-hours
• Restaurant grade, high performance concentrate
• Concentrated formula cleans up to 11,000 Sq Ft
• Versatile – can be used on almost any washable surface
• Quick and EASY
• Environmentally friendly – Made from biodegradable ozone
• Doesn’t contain butyl, petroleum solvents, bleach, or ammonia

Time. Everyone wants more time. Time costs money and you can never have enough. Being in the restaurant business means that you have to watch the bottom line very closely. Mopping the floor is a task that people tend to overlook and simply accept the status quo. But there is a new way of doing things, AND IT’S A GOOD ONE!

Using our Tile Degreaser in conjunction with our Hand Held Spray Gun, you can cut your mopping time by 40% or more. If you saved 20 minutes each night mopping the floor, that would add up to 6 hours every month, @ $10 per hour that’s $60.00 per month in savings. With our Hand Held Spray Gun, you pour the Tile Degreaser in, adjust the setting, attach a water hose, and proceed to spray directly onto the tiles. When you’re done spraying, just mop the floor dry and walk away.

Using our system you’ll never have to mop water onto the floor again. From now on you’ll only have to mop it dry. (Take a moment to reflect on the thought of never having to change your mop water, or even mop water on the floor EVER AGAIN)

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• Provides excellent traction when wet
• Easy to Clean
• Permanent
• Non-yellowing
• Will not Mold or Mildew
• Exceptional durability

Say goodbye to your slippery mildew-magnet bathmat that requires constant cleaning, and say hello to Permanent Bathmat - our high traction “roll-on” coating. Because this is a coating that bonds directly to the surface, you will no longer have mold growing underneath. Now you can have an easy-to-clean surface in your tub that won’t mold and mildew on the top or the bottom.

Not only was this product designed to stay clean, but it was also designed to provide the most traction possible and help keep you safe. It’s very durable, easy to apply, and lasts for 10-15 years. This product is ideal for the elderly, children, and the handicapped. It is solely designed to be used on fiberglass and plastic surfaces. If you have a porcelain or ceramic tub, our etching product should be used instead.

NOTE: This is a permanent coating.
NON-SKID Paint/Sealer Additive – Ceramic Slip Meter
Slip Meter
Our Price: $829.00

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• Covers 320 Sq Ft
• Offers superior traction wet or dry
• Will not change the color of the floor
• Interior or exterior use
• High or low traffic areas
• Random shape prevents grains from rolling away
• New surface cannot be cleaned with a mop

If you want your floors to achieve the most extreme grip possible, this is the product. Because the ceramic has sharp edges, it works to grab and catch your foot. If you have a pet that is slipping on the floor, you can use this additive to help them gain traction. The ceramic additive provides great traction, yet is gentle on your dog’s paws.

For most uses, our plastic additive is ideal as it is easier to apply. However, if the application requires retaining exact appearance, or demands extreme traction, then you should use the ceramic additive. The ceramic is heavier then the plastic and will only stay suspended in very thick finishes. Most of the time the ceramic needs to be applied using our hand shaker (similar to a salt shaker). The plastic additive does blend in well and normally works great, but the ceramic provides an extra 30% blending benefit.

When applied using a hand shaker, you can achieve a greater density per square foot than is possible with pouring directly into the finish itself.

NOTE: Due to the sharper edges of the ceramic, you will no longer be able to use a mop to clean the surface. If scrubbing is necessary, you can use a scrub brush, push broom, water hose, or pressure washer.
Slip Meter Please visit

• Lightweight and portable - under 8 lbs.
• Easy to use - digital readout
• Affordable - about 1/3 the price of other static friction testers
• Gage manufactured to +/- 1% accuracy
• Use for ASTM slip testing - friction testing for floors
• Includes carrying case
• One year manufacturer warranty

This is an easy-to-use digital slip meter that tests the coefficient of friction level of flooring and helps you gauge just how slippery your floor really is. Restaurants, casinos, hotels, nursing homes, or any business with foot traffic should consider buying a slip meter. Test early, test often! Abiding by the coefficient of friction standards set forth by OSHA and the ADA is important. Doing a weekly check up on your floors to ensure they meet specifications will help keep people safe. Regular floor slip testing is also an important part of an ADA compliance program.

Tile contractors can use this to test the slip resistance of a tile before they install it for their customer. Non-slip flooring installers can use this meter to measure the difference before and after applying a non-slip solution.
Non-Skid Rubberized Floor Coating Hand Held Spray Gun
Hand Held Spray Gun
Our Price: $40.00

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• Helps pets keep traction
• Matte finish
• Light traffic only
• Clear
• Superior grip
• Easy to remove
• Spray can covers up to 20 Sq. Ft.

Non-Skid Rubberized Floor Coating gives pets extreme traction on surfaces including tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and wood. It is a temporary, delicate coating designed for low traffic areas. Walking on the surface in socks rather than shoes will extend the life of the surface and help keep it clean. This Non-Skid Rubberized Floor Coating is designed to be applied as thin as possible, so that it can easily be removed and re-applied. Only a thin single coat is necessary to provide extreme traction.

There are other products that last much longer and are much more durable. But if you want your pet to have the most traction possible, this product will provide the ideal solution. Because this is not a “green” product, pets should be put away until the product is cured.
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• Cuts mopping time by 40%
• Surprisingly fun to use
• Covers large areas very quickly
• Generates quality foam when spraying
• Chemical resistant
• 5 ratio settings to choose from

( Please see our Tile Degreaser for a longer full description.) This is the famous foam gun that restaurant owners love so much. Using our Tile Degreaser and Hand Held Spray Gun you can reduce mopping time by up to 40%. Cutting 20 minutes off your mopping each night could add up to a 6 hour time savings every month. At $10 per hour, you could save $60 per month.

Simply pour some tile degreaser into the hand held spray gun and adjust the setting to fit your degreasing needs. Attach a water hose and proceed with spraying foam cleaner directly onto your floor (It works on just about any flooring). Once you have completely sprayed the floor, simply mop the floor dry and walk away. There’s no need to run to the kitchen to change mop water ever again! Using our Hand Held Spray Gun, you only need to mop up water, not put any down. You will save time AND money.
1-gallon Wood Floor Wax Stripper
Our Price: $79.00

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For Non Slip Tile Coating please visit

• Fast dry, ready-to-use cleaner
• Suitable for tacking operations • Low-foaming
• Free rinsing
• No dust
• Easily “re-activated”
• Safe on floor coating

This ready-to-use floor prep cleaner and tacking solution is excellent to use on sealed wood floors prior to re-coating, or for tacking operations. It is fast drying, with no lengthy clean up necessary. When properly diluted, the solution will lift soils from the pores of the existing coating. It can be applied with an EZ-Way applicator, sprinkling can, mop and bucket, or cotton bath towels.
_5-gallon Quick Fix Spray
Our Price: $390.00
Quick Fix Spray
Our Price: $20.00

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• Covers up to 20 Sq Ft
• Dries within 3 hours
• Durable/semi-permanent
• Provides traction wet & dry
• Prime, spray, and walk away
• Has a matte finish
• Not for areas with standing water
• Indoor & outdoor

Quick Fix Spray Coating is perfect for areas like stairs, ladders, boat decks and running boards. This long lasting slip-resistant coating is safe for in-home use, and has a clear epoxy coating that won’t modify the color of your surface. Quick Fix Spray is a coating that you can spray on just about anything and it lasts up to 5 years, depending on the amount of traffic.

The product is made of a clear sealer, with extremely small plastic pebbles. It has just enough grip for wet feet or shoes, but is gentle enough that it will not tear up the bottom of your socks if used in your home (such as on steps). Once it wears off simply clean and re-spray Quick Fix Spray. It can be used on most surfaces, such as concrete, vinyl tile, metal and wood, but should not be used on the bottom of bathtubs, showers, or other areas that may have standing water.

NOTE: When cleaning with a mop you will have to work it a bit more aggressively to get the new rougher texture clean.
Waterbased Aliphatic Polyurethane Slip Resistant Floor Wax
Slip Resistant Floor Wax
Our Price: $39.00

For Non Slip Tile Coating please visit

• Must be used in conjunction with our Non-Skid Additive
• Gives an attractive gloss finish
• Permanent
• Great for indoor/outdoor uses
• Non-yellowing
• High quality urethane, not epoxy
• Clear
• 1 gallon covers 175-275 Sq Ft
• 16 oz covers 23-27 Sq Ft

Water Based Aliphatic Polyurethane is a custom kit to be used in conjunction with our Non-Skid Additive. Designed to provide an extremely durable and permanent coating with the custom amount of slip resistance you choose. You decide how much and what type of additive you would like to use.

Made from the highest quality “non yellowing” components, this product can be used in almost any area to become the most slip resistant surface possible, in wet or dry conditions.

This is the same product used on airplane hanger floors and is ideal for high foot traffic, both indoors and out. It is waterproof and can be used on wood, concrete, tile, metal, garage floors, and just about anything else. The product can be lightly walked across in 24 hours, light commercial traffic can begin in 72 hours, full cure time is 3-5 days.

• This product is not for use on linoleum, laminate, or hardwood flooring.
• This is a permanent coating that is very hard to remove.
• This product does not contain any textured Non-Skid Additive. You must add Johnny Grip Non-Skid Additive to this product for your desired traction and texture.

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• A+ commercial grade quality
• Good for high traffic areas
• Detergent resistant
• Meets UL slip resistant standards wet and dry
• Easy to apply
• Glossy look
• Helps protect floor from scratches

Our Slip Resistant Floor Wax is a top-quality solution meeting UL Slip Resistant standards in homes, restaurants, nursing homes, and hospitals where surfaces can be either wet or dry. It provides an exceptional depth of gloss giving a “wet-look” that will reveal the hidden beauty of your floors. It resists scuff marks so your floors will look attractive in addition to being safe!
This commercial grade wax is made from a water-based formula that is urethane fortified. Your floors will hold up to extremely heavy traffic and spilled liquids will “bead up” making clean-up quick and easy! Slip Resistant Floor Wax requires only one coat to provide excellent slip resistance making your floors safer both wet and dry. It will make a huge difference even if you are wearing socks. We’ve had reports of our Slip Resistant Floor Wax being helpful for pets as well!

- Tile is designed to be the least porous as possible and to resist everything it can. As a result, coatings such as our wax may not adhere without first using our etching treatment to open the pours and allow the wax to sink in. As a general rule of thumb, glossy tiles such as Marble and Wall tile are the ones that have encountered issues. If your tile has a “matte finish” or has a texture to it then you should be okay. In order to be sure, we recommend you test a single tile using our “scratch test” to confirm adhesion before coating the whole floor. If the coating scrapes off easily, then you must use our etching treatment before application. As a note, our product adheres just as well as anyone else’s.

- To prevent people from refilling the bottle with water, we do not under any terms or circumstances accept this product back after it has been opened. If you would like to test the product first, you may purchase a test sample.

- This product is not for use on hardwood floors, outdoors, or areas with standing water.
Slip Resistant Wood Floor Wax Liquid & Treated tile
Liquid & Treated tile
Our Price: $5.00

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• 100% urethane
• Single component, no mixing • Extremely mild scent
• Superior film hardness
• Easy application
• Excellent adhesion
• Exceptional gloss
• Quick dry time

Our Non-Slip Wood Floor Wax offers exceptional durability and supreme shine for all types of wood. It’s very easy to apply and does not require mixing prior to application. The properties of this product set it apart from others because it is self-leveling and has quicker re-coat times, as well as being environmentally safe and VOC compliant.

For Non Slip Tile Coating please visit

• Only works on real tile (not plastic)
• 2.5 ounces
• Treats 6 Sq. Ft.
• Permanent
• Not a coating
• Free shipping in USA

Wanna try it before you buy it ? Your not alone. We get calls everyday from people that tend to think our product is too good to be true, or just don't understand how it works. You will be able to test it out on your own tile and see how great Johnny Grip works for you. This is a 2.5 ounce sample that treats up to 6 Sq. Ft. of real tile. Our "Etching Treatment" does not work on Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Plastic or Vinyl.
NON-SKID Paint/Sealer Additive - Plastic

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• Improves traction on wet and dry floors
• Made from recycled milk bottles
• Blends in with most surfaces
• Comfortable on bare feet (no sharp edges)
• Pours directly into any paint, sealer, epoxy, wax, etc.
• High or low traffic areas
• Surface cannot be mopped after coarse additive application
• Mixes into 1-gallon

Our exclusive plastic additive creates a safer surface on any interior or exterior floor. Manufactured from recycled plastic milk bottles, it will give your surface a durable, high-traction texture, wet or dry. Application only requires mixing the additive with the finish of your choice. The light weight of the granules enables them to stay suspended when mixed. This ensures a more uniform, even texture, resulting in a finish with no sharp edges that is ideal for bare feet around pools.
We have two sizes to best meet your needs:

1. Coarse - Our coarse additive has large granules and is recommended for outdoor use. Because of the large grain size, it is not suitable for mopping. The resulting surface can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a broom.

2. Fine - Our fine additive is half the diameter of the coarse additive and can be mopped. The fine grain size is better suited for indoor use and only provides a marginal traction increase.

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